Fight choreography

Being that combat is a prominent part of “Milhamah” and RPGs in general, a Narrator is well advised to consider fight choreography while orchestrating play. Here are some tips for a Narrator to keep in mind when coming up with ways to keep fight scenes fresh and exciting:

  1. Know the setting: Create a visual picture of the battleground or the area where the characters are fighting. If the fight is outdoors, describe the weather, the terrain, the time of day and the lighting. Those may impact your character’s traction and likelihood of falling, or rain, fog and twilight might make it harder for characters to aim a weapon or spot attacks.
  2. From a narrative standpoint, the setting may create a compelling mood. A sunrise in the desert may signify hope, but it also sets a time limit on the battle since the scorching heat may harm a character wearing heavy armor, or inhibit their ice-based shoresh skills.
  3. Also be generous in describing some of the major objects or opportunities for cover in an environment, especially if your players ask.