Freezing Flag

Gadielah Hagdalah waves the banner for 'Ivrit.


The Freezing Flag is a large banner that, in the hands of a semaphore martial arts user, waves a brutally frigid arctic wind toward enemies. The most common kind of Freezing Flag, used by the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement, have the organization’s logo on it.

Shoresh: דגל
Gematria: 40
Type: Melee Weapon: Banner
Handedness: One or Two
Rarity: Lv. 15 (Aquamarine)
Value: ₪1200
Size: Large
Encumbrance: J Right tetromino
Base Attribute Modifiers: CRE+1D, GRA+1D
Damage type: Frigid, Slashing
Semantic Domains: Sign/Symbol
Speech acts:

  • Fraud Flag Flight (דגל): Qal stance. The user whips a flaglike object above him in a circle, causing him to rise and fly off the ground in an unpredictable way. 
    • Noncombat:
      • Ascent: Using one hand, you may whip a nonliving flag, rod or cloth object above your head and spin it quickly. Roll GRA-1D+Trickery. X successes = the ability to levitate up to X * 10 feet (40 feet maximum) off the ground for up to X minutes (maximum four).
      • Descent: You have limited control on where and how you land. Landing is a base Difficult (4 success) task. Failure means going somewhere undesirable at the Narrator’s discretion. Botching means falling and potentially taking associated damage.
    • Combat To Hit: Moderate range, aerial attack, touch spread, roll GRA+1D+Trickery. If user botches, he may fall or fly off somewhere undesirable. If defending, may flip opponent’s frozen die after first roll.
    • Combat Damage: Success margin + 1DN bashing damage. 
  • Arctic scar (גלד): Hif’il stance. Using quick swipes, the user sends slashes of sleet to cut down a target.
    • Noncombat: Roll WIS+Medicine on a base Challenging (3 Success) test. If successful, a soft version of this skill may place an icy crust over a wound caused by slashing or piercing, suspending the bleeding status for four hours.
    • Offensive To Hit: Moderate range, moderate spread, roll CRE. 
    • Offensive Damage: Success margin + 1DN frigid damage. On a natural success, slashing damage is added, and target must make a successful GRA save or take wounds, or get bleeding status.