Game components

Since Milhamah RPG is a game of the imagination, it requires few mandatory game components besides the special dice and a rules guide. But for an immersive game environment, the following are recommended:


  • Set of twelve special 12-sided ‘Ivrit dice: four atbash, four albam and four akhbi. The alternative is a Milhamah RPG dice app (under construction).
  • Milhamah: Fighting Words RPG core rulebook with shoresh index (milon)
  • Player character sheets
  • Writing utensils for each player
  • Plenty of paper or something else to write on


  • Coins or glass beads for counters
  • Additional (future) player campaigns and guides
  • Narrator’s screen to make secret rolls that the party cannot see)
  • Tokens or figurines to mark character locations in an environment
  • Maps or building floor plans, either real or homemade
  • Hebrew language resources or related Semitic language dictionaries to inspire improvised characters and settings