Gaml is gimel personified.

Gaml is a boomerang-wielding camel who represents the letter Gimel. He was named by the first man Adam, in the beginning of Milhamah history. The two became friends, with Gaml toting around (and enjoying) Adam’s abundant wealth.

Gaml is based on the shoresh root גמל and its broader family. As such, his nature is tied to compensation and payback; ripening; concealing cloaks; a mouthful of drink; and purulence. His sentient hump is a golem, which in Hebrew means “amorphous mass” or pupa (as well as a giant clod monster). Both Gaml and his hump glitter like gold.

Although Gaml seemed to vanish from the land of Eretz after a separation from Adam, legend says he may return with the help of the Gimel foundation glyph. However, in a world tainted and corrupted by lies, Gaml’s vengeful demeanor may be too fearsome for mere mortals…

In the comic

Gaml is slated to make an appearance in webcomic Update #22.

Gaml in Milhamah RPG

Size: Giant
Type: Spirit, Beast
Elements: Earth, Metal, Toxic, Bashing, Prosperity, Temper
Morality: (Post-Syntax) Neutral
DOM: 4 (Superb) LIF: 5 (Masterful)
GRA: 2 (Trained)  CRE: 2 (Trained)
WIS: 3 (Strong)    SHA: 1 (Mediocre)
BLE: 7 (Otherworldly)

Weapon: Throwing Stick (Damage: DOM +2, Range: Far)