General’s Epaulets

The general's epaulets give expertise and authority to the wearer.

The general’s epaulets are worn by the head honchos of the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement. They give expertise and authority to the wearer, making them the giants who let others stand on their shoulders.

General’s epaulets stats in Milhamah RPG

Shoresh: אלפ or כתפ
111 or 500
Size: Small
Weight: Very Light
Encumbrance: One square
Worn: Torso
Stat adjustments: DOM +1DWIS +1D, VIG +1D
Skill Effects: While worn, the user gains Intimidation skill at +1D, Tactics at +2D and Encumbrance at +1D.
Speech acts granted:

  • Thousand Lessons: (אלפ) Qal stance: The target is enveloped by the visions and sounds of strict lessons while being battered by a thousand blows from the school of hard knocks.   
    • Noncombat: (medium range, medium spread, one-hour duration) When helping a character during a training exercise learn a skill that you already possess, roll WIS +2D. 
    • Combat To Hit: (close range, close spread): Either roll VIG +0D or WIS +1D.
    • Combat damage: Success margin -1DN. On a natural success, may choose to make target WIS +1D or WIS -1D for 24 hours.
  • Shoulders of Giants: (כתפ) Pi’el stance: The target’s shoulders and upper back muscles swell, giving them the strength to lift and carry much more than normal — or create a devastating shoulder slam. 
    • Noncombat: (self, five-minute duration): User rolls for shoresh, using VIG as reroll. User gains Encumbrance+XD, where X = successes.
    • Combat To Hit: (close range, touch spread): Roll DOM +1D or VIG
    • Combat damage: Success margin. On a natural success, target may be knocked back to medium distance.