Hide is a combat action that player characters may use to seek cover and cause opponents to lose sight of them.

Shoresh: סתר
Alternative shorashim: חבא, עלם

Stats used:
Use CRE when trying to creatively innovate something outside the target’s comprehension. Use WIS when trying to be shrewd and play to your target’s psychology and base instincts. Use GRA when flashily misdirecting in a nimble way. Use BLE when relying on luck or instinct not to be seen. 
Lighting and visibility conditions, noise and the amount of surrounding cover will influence attempts. Users may add Trickery skill as modifier to the success requirement (or dice pool?)
Resist: Opponents may use WIS is the most appropriate skill at relying on combat experience to detect feints. SHA may be used to resist hiding attempts that are based on mental weaknesses.
Success: The user successfully seeks cover (if available) or finds a way to be unseen.  
The target fails to hide and remains in the opponent’s perception or awareness.