Hif’il naming patterns

By using hif’il naming patterns, you can make a name for something in Milhamah RPG. Usually, hif’il names have an element of causation or coercion to them. You can use a hif’il binyan in the following ways:

Normal, strong-root verbs:

We will use the following verb קטל (qatal) as our sample root. Simply replace the letters in the example with the letters in your corresponding root. (But see weak-root exceptions below.)


Past (perfect) tense: hiqtil, hiqtalta, hiqtaltem
Future (imperfect) tense: yaqtil, taqtil, yaqtilu, taqtilu
Past narrative tense: wehiqtil, wehiqtalta, wehiqtaltem
Sequential imperfect tense: wayyaqtil, wattaqtil, wayyaqtilu, wattaqtilu
Imperative: haqtel, haqtilu
Jussive: yaqtel, taqtel, yaqtelu, taqtelu
Participle (present) tense: maqtil, maqtilim


Past (perfect) tense: hiqtilah, hiqtalt, hiqtalten
Future (imperfect) tense: taqtil, taqtili, taqtelnah
Past narrative tense: wehiqtilah, wehiqtalt, wehiqtalten
Sequential imperfect tense: wattaqtil, wattaqtili, wattaqtelnah
Imperative: haqtili, haqtelnah
Jussive: taqtel, taqteli, taqtelnah
Participle (present) tense: maqtelet(h), maqtilot(h)


Past (perfect) tense: hiqtalti, hiqtalnu, hiqtilu
Future (imperfect) tense: aqtil, naqtil
Sequential perfect tense:
wehiqtalti, wehiqtilu, wehiqtalnu
Sequential imperfect tense: waaqtil, wannaqtil
Infinitive construct: haqtil
Infinitive absolute: haqtel
Cohortative: aqtilah, naqtilah

For more information

  • For more elaborate translations of what your character’s verbal name means, check out this link: Stem Hiphil.