Jagged Point

The Jagged Point is sharp.

The Jagged Point is a common javelin that the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement uses in ranged melee combat. Its mysterious iron alloy tip easily pierces most armor. Two sharp blades orbit and swirl around the spiked spearhead, giving it slashing as well as piercing damage. But only the most sharp-witted warriors can wield this without injuring themselves.

Shoresh: חדד
Gematria: 16
Type: Thrown Ranged Weapon: Javelin
Handedness: Two (Melee) or One (Thrown Ranged)
Rarity: Carnelian
Value: ₪1750
Size: Large
Encumbrance: Vertical I triomono
Base Attribute Modifiers: CRE+1D, WIS+1D
Damage type: Piercing or slashing
Speech acts:

  • Stay Sharp (חדד): Hif’il stance, A quick-witted maneuver transforms a held object, covering it in metal spikes and razor-sharp edges, plunging into the target.
    • Noncombat: May convert a held, nonliving object into a spiked or edged one for six hours. Base difficulty is based on size of target: 1S needed per object’s encumbrance square. If successful, uncareful contact with the object will cause piercing or slashing 1DN damage per touch on unarmored skin. Also, the object may be used as an improvised melee or thrown weapon. (See combat.)
    • Combat To Hit: Moderate range, no spread, CRE+1D or GRA+1D or WIS. If user botches while making a non-CRE roll, user damages self.
    • Combat Damage: Success margin + 1DN slashing or piercing damage. On a natural success, target armor is ignored, and target must make a successful GRA save or take wounds, or get bleeding status.