Liability Points

Liability Points (LP) work like hit points in many other RPGs. In Milhamah, LP reflects more than just health and how tough one’s hide is. It measures a character’s athletics, risk tolerance, morale, stamina, enthusiasm and guts during adventuring. All of this determines how hard it is to fell the character.

In normal combat, a character can’t be wounded by non-critical hits until his LP falls to 0 or below.

When creating a character, calculate the Max LP by rolling X+1 dice, where X equals the character’s VIG attribute rating. After rolling, add up the dice’s total while ignoring any zeroes on the dice values. Wild equals zero, or nothing. Disregard one die of your choice to get the final Max LP number.


When rolling damage against LP, players only ignore any zeroes on the dice values and count up the total for each dice. 

Example: David rolls to get a Max LP for his character, Devorah. Devorah’s VIG is 3. So David rolls four dice. The results are ח, פ, ש, Wild — or 300, 80, 8 and 0.

By eliminating the zeroes, the dice values become 3, 8, 8 and none. David disregards the valueless Wild die, then totals the rest, giving Devorah a Max LP total of 19.

Falling damage

For every 10 feet (or 3 meters) a character falls before making a hard landing, roll 1DN for LP damage. Each time a die lands Wild, count the die as 0 LP plus a wound.