Medicine is a skill that characters use to use knowledge of anatomy and health to apply emergency first aid, tend to wounds and treat diseases.

Shoresh: רפא
Alternative shorashim:
At least 5-10 minutes for short-term first aid. Longer term treatment may need to be applied hour by hour, or longer as the Narrator specifies.
Stats used:
Usually WIS for book knowledge of anatomy and medicine, or SHA to provide bedside manner or mental wellness. BLE may be used in faith-based medicine, and CRE may be used when innovative or unorthodox treatments are called for.
Most medicine checks should be difficult and require at least 3+ successes. The rarer the disease, the more grievous the injury or state of illness, and the harder it is to treat, the more difficult the roll. Proper medicine and equipment may make rolls easier or may be necessary for success to even be possible.
Resist: This usually doesn’t have a resist skill.
Success: Depending on the degree of success, the user stabilizes the health condition of the patient or, better yet, treats and improves or even completely heals or cures the condition. 
Depending on the degree, the user fails to treat the malady, and upon great failure or botches, makes it worse, terminal or deadly.