Nesheq Weapon

The Nesheq Weapon is now in color.

The Nesheq is a multipurpose weapon that promises to be the kiss of death… if you can figure out how to use it!

It can launch a flaming explosive at its foes. Several jointed mechanical arms can grip or strangle opponents, and a sharp steel trap offers an extra bite. In addition, a swiveling hammer at the other end slams even the toughest enemies into the ground.

So what’s the only catch? The Nesheq’s user interface leaves… something to be desired. Flip the wrong switch or press the wrong button, and it can backfire on its user!

Shoresh: נשק
Gematria: 450
Type: Instrument: Melee or Ranged Weapon: Long Gun
Handedness: Two
Rarity: Carnelian
Value: ₪18000
Size: Large
Encumbrance: Horizontal I tetromino
Base Attribute Modifiers: DOM+1D

  • Mechanical Arms (זרע): Several jointed mechanical arms can grip or strangle opponents.
    • To Hit: Melee, close range, close spread, CRE+2D
    • Damage: Success margin + 1DN crushing damage.
  • Steel Trap (זרע): A sharp-toothed bear trap shoots out a weapon side portal, packing a crushing bite.
    • To Hit: Melee, Close Range, DOM+1D
    • Damage: Success margin +2DN pierce, crush damage. On a critical success, target must succeed in a GRA or VIG save roll or see get bleeding status.
  • Swiveling Hammer (זרע): A giant hammer head on the end swings and slams into its target. 
    • To Hit: Melee, Touch Range VIG-1D
    • Damage: Success margin +3DN bashing damage.
  • Flaming Kiss Missile (זרע): A missile sealed with a kiss launches, exploding with sizzling heat.
    • To Hit: Ranged, long range, medium spread area, 1-turn cooldown, CRE +1D (If user botches, the user must pass a CRE save against a base Difficult (4S) benchmark or else the missile backfires and explodes, damaging the user.)
    • Damage: Success margin+3DN fire damage. On a critical success, target must pass a PEA save roll or else target gets charmed status.