Quest Table

When the Narrator doesn’t have an elaborate campaign or plot in mind, sometimes it pays to use a random quest table to determine what the heroes need to do.

Roll 4D, 4D and 2D:
Based on the red and blue dice’s results, pick one or more shoresh roots from the dictionary to inspire you. The available shoresh roots among the letters may represent a subject (sentient being), object (item or thing) or a place (location or domain).

Then pick a letter among the two green dice’s results to determine the nature of the quest: 

  • פ: Liberate/Rescue: [Subject, Place]
  • א,ש: Capture/Conquer [Subject, Object, Place]
  • מ,כ: Heal/Repair: [Subject, Object]
  • ע: Destroy: [Subject, Object] 
  • ז: Transport [Subject, Object] to [Place])
  • ג: Find/Collect [Subject, Object, Place]
  • ב,ס: Escape from [Subject, Place] (EXPLORE)
  • ד,ל: Win [Subject]’s heart or allegiance (SOCIAL)
  • ט,ו: Learn a secret about [Subject, Object, Place] from [Subject, Object, Place] (SOCIAL)
  • ש: Tear down reputation of [Subject, Object, Place] (SOCIAL/KILL)
  • ת,ר: Build reputation [Subject, Object, Place] (SOCIAL)
  • ח,נ: Survey and map out [Place] (EXPLORE)
  • י,ה: Create an [Object] (ACHIEVE)
  • צ: Establish an outpost in [Place] (EXPLORE/ACHIEVE)