Robber Buzzard

The Robber Vulture will take what it wishes.

The Robber Buzzard is a cunning, deceitful foe. It joins birds of a feather as they fasten themselves to rubble along the clefts of the Biq’ah Rift. When victims with riches pass by, the birds swarm and threaten to tear them apart with razor-sharp wings. Favorite treasures include chalices and Beqa’ half-shekel coins. This enemy is based on the עקב shoresh root and larger family, which deals with buzzards, robbers, cleaving, chalices and the beqa’ half-shekel.


Shoresh: עקב
Gematria: 172
Rarity: Golden Lv. 7

Kind: Monster (Bird)
Habitat: Valleys
Part: Adverb
Motivations: Wealth

Liability Points: 2DN or 7
Merit Points: 0
Law Points: -2

Base attributes: DOM 3D, VIG 2D, GRA 3D, CRE 1D, WIS 1D, PEA 2D, BLE 2D
Beqa’ coin bag