Sa’ar Ṭeres

Sarṭan and Sa'ar are a dangerous pair!

Sa’ar Ṭeres is a Violator who slaps the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement in the face by joining Beli Ya’al’s Kittim force. He’s an ex-media official gone bad, and his camera now crafts propaganda to smear the Revival. His large left hand delivers powerful backhands! Ṭeres is known to partner with Sarṭan, who represents Cancer on the Bavel Macrostructure’s Linguistic Imperialism Division. Ṭeres and Sarṭan come from the סרט shoresh root or its broader family, which deals with film, cancer, crabs, slapping, sides and more.

Sa’ar Ṭeres
Liability Points: 2DN doubled or 24
Base Stats: DOM 3D, VIG 2D, GRA 2D, CRE 3D, WIS 2D, PEA 2D, BLE 3D

Base attacks:

  • Side slap:

Speech Acts:

  • Toxic Film: