Shem ‘Etzem

[two_third padding=”0 10px 0 0″]Shem ‘Etzem is the main protagonist of Milhamah: Fighting Words, and the creator and overall leader of the Holy Tongue Society. He represents the noun among the grammatical parts of speech.

Shem aspires to make a great name for himself by becoming a holy master of names. He aspires to be like Adam, the ancient representative of mankind who was tasked with naming the animals. Another role model is Betzalel, the ancient craftsman who was rumored to use the otiyotto create the Tabernacle.


Unlike most characters in Milhamah, Shem has two base shoresh roots. Under the עצם shoresh, Shem usually uses bone manipulation powers to attack foes and defend himself in combat. When he is in this mode, strange bones form out of his spine and back, and his internal bones are bioluminescent.

Under the שום shoresh, Shem has expanded powers to assign and evaluate names. When he enters this form, the power of sound and speech envelop him with spiritual robes complete with a garlic crown. He also wears a monocle lens that can analyze a target’s true name, and he also wears a breastplate that can evaluate letters, words and names at light speed. A set of scales, centered by a holy tongue, sends judgment on his foes.

Preview pic for Ep. 13 Pt. 3


Despite being the leader of a religious paramilitary movement, Shem in his ‘Etzem form struggles with doubts over the spiritual worlds. This is reflected in the rarity of having  dual shoresh roots.

The עצם side represents his despairing and materialistic side, which envies others and feels more like destroying than creating The שום side is his higher, aspirational form where he seeks to be like his namesake, Ha-Shem, and famous language users like Adam and Betzalel who created and evaluated using the letters.

Shem’s favorite food is steak.

Shem in ‘Milhamah’ comics

Shem wears his dapper disguise.

In Milhamah Update #3, Shem hides his bony form from Etgar Toar.

Shem ‘Etzem Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: עצמ
Age: 21
Size: Medium
DOM: 3 LIF: 3 GRA: 1
CRE: 3 WIS: 1 SHA: 1 BLE: 1


Shut Eye (עמצ)
Attacks target’s head with bash damage. Target must save using CRE or get blinded status.

Bravery (עמצ)
Range: Self
Area: Self
Summons the courage from one’s bones to face down threats.

Recover XD LP, where X = DOM

Holy Form (שומ)
Charge: None
Duration: Special
When Shem’s PEA or BLE is >= 3, he is connected to Ha-Shem’s power. He may activate his Holy Form to change his natural shoresh, attributes and abilities. Duration ends by choice, by losing consciousness, or if Shem’s attribute that triggered his transformation falls to 1 or below.

Shoresh: שומ
DOM: 2
LIF: 2 GRA: 3
CRE: 4 WIS: 2 SHA: 3 BLE: 3

Divine Name (שומ)

Garlic Grass (שומ)
Range: Medium
Area: Medium
Charge: None
Duration: 3 Turns
Effect: Garlic plants sprout and grow from the attack source, strangling the target while releasing a pungent stench.
Does Plant, Holy and Crush CRE damage. Damage +1D if target is evil.





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Shem ‘Etzem

Shem 'Etzem is in pain after Deli attacks him.

Personal Details

Shoresh: שום, עצם
Part of speech: Noun
Holy Tongue Society
The Binyan, ‘Ir Reshumim
Abilities: Name evaluation, bone manipulation, garlic