In Milhamah RPG, socialization serves a few purposes: recruiting new members into the resistance movements, strengthening ties and alliances among members and communities, refining propaganda to help the cause and demoralizing the enemy.

Relations: Even if they’re “off-camera,” it’s good to think about your characters family, friends and love life situation. Did your character have an ideal childhood, growing up, or did he come from a broken home? Is your character single, a loner, a heartbreaker? Is your character well-networked in certain cities or domains, and does he have a particular rival, frenemy or foe that he clashes with regularly?

Bonds: When forming a party, it’s helpful for the  members to share common links or bonds. Maybe Dan is the brother of David, and David is the frenemy of Yonatan, and Yonatan know’s Dan’s girlfriend, and Sarah and Yonatan trained at the Ulpan together. These bonds and relations can form seeds that produce story context.

The Narrator can give these bonds, if relevant to the plot, a rating of 1R-8R.