Sotem “Stopper”


The Sotem, aka the “Stopper,” is a chief unit in the Bavel Macrostructure’s secret police force. Linguistically, they represent the consonantal stop.

As a golem, the Sotem’s body is like the Bavel Guf soldier’s — Bavel recovers a soulless body, neuters it and equips it with construct technology. For unknown reasons, while Guf soldiers have cork-shaped heads, Sotem have tampon-shaped ones. Sotem appear interchangeable, except for the “anonymous” disguises they wear.

Sotem are mentally neutral and express no independent thought; they’re solely driven by id and the regime’s orders. They cover up the truth and shut up even the vaguest citizen conversations. They also hunt down creators of sacred writings. The Sotem headquarters, the Storehouse, is a vault of banned documents.

The Sotem can stop enemies in their tracks, then shoot, mute or obliterate them with their caulking guns. And they have the power to shut and seal any portal, lock or door.

The Sotem’s power comes from the סתם shoresh family, which governs stopping, valves, tampons, caulking, neutering, neutrality, closing, storehouses, muting, anonymity, the id, and more.

Milhamah RPG Stats

Shoresh: סתמ
Gematria: 500
Kind: Golem, To’evah
Gender: Neuter
Domain: Storehouses*, Strongholds, Urban
Threat: Silver

Liability Points: 10 (2DN), Merit Points: 0, Law Points: 0
Base Plot Armor: 0

Base Stats: DOM 2R, VIG 2R, GRA 1R, CRE 1R, WIS 1R, PEA 2R, BLE 2R
Skills: Coercion +2R, Investigation +1R, Security +2R, Marksmanship +1R, Stealth +1R, Trickery +1R
Equipment: Mounted Caulking Gun (Left Arm), Chain Mail Vest (Torso), Anonymous Disguise (Face)
Base Combat Actions:
Speech Acts: