Speech balloon

A speech balloon glows with its component letters.

A speech balloon is a floating bubble that is a byproduct of the sap that flows from shoresh roots. Like the roots, speech balloons carry numerous abilities and effects in the Milhamah world, and they can be used as machines, tools and weapons. But unlike shoresh roots, balloons typically may only be used for a short time before they are expended.

Its texture and composition vary with the quality of the letters that form it. When they are fresh, the balloons are supple and elastic. When they are damaged, they are cracked and brittle.

The Bavel Macrostructure is devoted to bursting as many speech balloons as possible in order to destroy the history of existing languages. In contrast, the Holy Tongue Society has vowed to protect and preserve the balloons, at least most of them. And Shem 'Etzem is obsessed with fixing and reverse-engineering damaged ones so he can create the finest of his own.

Speech balloons in Milhamah comic

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Speech balloons in Milhamah RPG

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