Speech skills

Speech skills are character skills that revolve around communication and (usually) talking. The following are examples of skills that fall into this pattern. Note that these skills are different from speech acts.

Language (לשן)

This skill measures how knowledgeable and fluent a character is in a particular language. This skill is specialized, and characters who don’t know a particular language score a 0D in that specialty.
Attributes: CRE, WIS
Specialties: ‘Ivrit, ‘Aravit, Aramit, Bavli

Animal Handling (חיי)

This skill is useful for bonding with an animal and directing it to do something.

Attributes: SHA, WIS
Beast, bird, creeper, fish, mollusk, insect

Leadership (נהג)

Use this skill when tending to persuade people to do what you tell them to.
Attributes: DOM, WIS

Intimidation (פחד)

This measures how imposing your character can be and how well one threatens others into compliance.
Attributes: DOM
Alternatives: ירא

Oration (נאם)

This skill determines how adept a character is at public speaking and maintaining an audience’s attention.
Attributes: DOM, BLE
Alternatives: ציי