Trickery is the skill of deception, bluffing, confusing and fooling people, either explicitly by lying or indirectly by subtle misdirection and withholding the truth. It can be used in social situations as well as tactically in combat. Deception may also add modifiers to aid actions to feint or hide.

Shoresh: יני
Alternative shorashim: טעי, רמי, שלי
One phrase or more
Stats used:
Use CRE when trying to creatively innovate something outside the target’s comprehension. Use WIS when trying to be shrewd and play to your target’s psychology and base instincts. Use GRA when attempting to flashily misdirect. Use DOM when boasting or blustering.
Touch, Sleep, Speech (when verbal)
Base modifiers on the following:
  1. How likely is the lie to be true?
  2. Does fulfilling the bluff go against the target’s interests?
Resist: The Motive skill. In general, WIS is the most appropriate skill at detecting lies.
Success: The target believes the lie and responds accordingly, at least until getting new, contradictory information. 
The target realizes that you’re not telling the truth or doesn’t want the information to be true. Depending on the degree of failure, the target may believe the user has intentionally lied or insulted the target’s intelligence or decency. This could cause their attitude toward you to become more hostile, especially with a botch.
Extra: Depending on context, the Narrator may determine that an act of Deception is lashon ha-ra’ and penalize the user accordingly.