Adam Ha-Rishon

Adam uses the alefbet to dominate the world.

Adam Ha-Rishon is the name of the first human being who lived in the world of Eretz.

The Milhamah lore about Adam is similar to the biblical account in Genesis, but being that “Milhamah” is a alternate linguistic world, it departs in a few ways. Adam was tasked by Ha-Shem to name all the creatures in the paradise of Gan ‘Eden, making him the first evaluator of all good names.

However, he lost his own good name when he ate from what he thought was the Semantic Tree, the Tree of Meaning, to gain a godlike comprehension of existence. However, not only did he disobey Ha-Shem, he erred and instead ate from the Syntax Tree.

Adam comes from the א-ד-ם shoresh.

Allied Plural Rifleman

The Allied Plural Rifleman can shoot in multiple directions.

Yariv Ribbui is the epitome of what a Plural Allied Rifleman should be: dedicated to upholding the ‘Aravot Covenant and civilization against the Covenant Violators.

These warriors are young men who were bred and taught to multitask. When exposed to the רבי shoresh root, they gain the power of sprouting clones. This comes in handy when fighting for the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement, since it lets a single soldier to amplify his presence on the battlefield and simultaneously fire in all directions. Furthermore, their eyes are trained to scope out enemies at great distances.

Yariv Ribbui and the Plural Allied Riflemen come from the ביר shoresh family, which govern plurals, civilization, multiplication, reproduction, rifle, alliances, covenants, scope extension and more.


Tola’at Teacher

Tola'at Teacher B&WTola'at Teacher (Color)

The Tola’at Teacher is a bright bug who produces a brighter scarlet dye in Bavel’s commercial city of Mattanah. It’s also known as a “learned little worm” who pupils its pupae, teaching them how to read and learn speech acts.

A few tola’at also tutor Mattanah’s citizens by biting people’s heads with their tiny teeth. Due to this illegally increasing literacy, it’s no surprise that the Bavel Macrostructure wants to crush these grubs into red paste.

The Tola’at Teacher is based on the לעת shoresh family, which governs instruction, tola’at, worms, scarlet, bicuspids and more.

Kind: Bug
Shoresh: תלע
Gematria: 500
Size: Tiny
Habitat: Urban, Hills, Desert
Threat: Lv. 1
Rarity: Golden (Common)
5 (or 2DN high – low) Merit: 1 Law: 1
Base stats: DOM 1R, VIG 1R, GRA 1R, CRE 2R, WIS 3R, PEA 2R, BLE 2R
Plot Armor: 0
Speed: Slow (Crawling)
Equipment: Generic blackboard (Tiny), Generic chalk (Tiny) Generic book (Tiny)
Loot: Scarlet Dye
Skills: Languages +2R
Behavior: Rational, gentle. Often flees when attacked unless cornered.
Combat Actions: Bicuspid Bite (Success Margin +1DN damage)
Speech Acts:

  • Scarlet Letters
    • Shoresh: לעת
    • Cost: 1 Merit or 1DN Liability
    • Rolls: User’s CRE vs. target’s PEA. No roll needed if target waives resistance.
    • Effect: Choose target: Target gains +2R when performing next offensive speech act.
    • Duration: Effect ends after the target performs the target speech act, or within one day, whichever happens first.


The ruah is a wind spirit.A Ruaḥ (pl. Ruḥot) is a Kind (species) of wind spirit in the world of Avgad. When these spirits wish to take shape, they can concentrate themselves into the size of a wider human body, pallid in color, clothed in linens and featuring large cloudy eyes. Because the species name “Ruaḥ” is grammatically both masculine and feminine, these spirits may take on a mix of those characteristics depending on time or conditions.

Ruḥot float in the air and command wind speed or direction, often using large fans to erode targets or obstacles. They can distort their density and the space around them, which lets them diffuse into moire-like patterns or teleport.

They are often intelligent, courageous spirits with high morale, and they run the gamut between good and evil. Good ones smell like basil and bring relief and profit to people wherever they go. Evil ones take on a greenish tint, stink like rotting wood, and spread an ill wind of decay.

Ruḥot like to settle on high mountaintops to be closer to the skies. Over there, they form communities of obelisk-style buildings and run profitable businesses selling stone. Other societies often envy and accuse Ruḥot of being too successful by using air and space powers to their unfair advantage.

The species comes from the רוח shoresh root and its broader family, which deals with wind, spirits, paleness, linens, space, profit and more.


Amirah Meimrah

Is Amirah Meimrah the peacekeeper the world needs?

Amirah Meimrah is a mysterious foreign leader from the treetop summit of Emirut. Based on the אמר shoresh root and family, she has exceptional sonic speech powers. She can emit fire and even sublimate her body into vapor. She carries a knife and a treetop martial arts staff, though nobody has seen her use them in combat. The nations proclaim Meimrah to be a noble peacemaker. With a tall frame and ladylike demeanor, she is a bold orator who inspires many to sacrifice for the greater good. But a few critics say that she — behind the scenes — is rebellious, defiled and an arrogant, condescending snob. Will she prove herself a messiah who can end a global war… or leave things a mess?

Rank: Ruby Lv. 32
Gematria: 241

Kind: Malakh
Nation: Emirut, Qedem
Part: Conjunction

Liability Points: 34
Merit Points: 8
Law Points: -5

Base attributes: DOM 6D, VIG 4D, GRA 4D, CRE 6D, WIS 3D, SHA 2D, BLE 5D
Acrobatics +2D, Administration +3D, Martial Arts +1D, Negotiation +3D, Performing +1D, Psychology +2D, Religion +1D, Socializing +3D, Speech Acts +4D, Trickery +3D
Treetop Martial Arts Staff, knife
Domain Tags: Speaking, Thinking, Arrogance

Speech acts:

Vocal Vanity

To Hit: