Amirah Meimrah

Is Amirah Meimrah the peacekeeper the world needs?

Amirah Meimrah is a mysterious foreign leader from the treetop summit of Emirut. Based on the אמר shoresh root and family, she has exceptional sonic speech powers. She can emit fire and even sublimate her body into vapor. She carries a knife and a treetop martial arts staff, though nobody has seen her use them in combat. The nations proclaim Meimrah to be a noble peacemaker. With a tall frame and ladylike demeanor, she is a bold orator who inspires many to sacrifice for the greater good. But a few critics say that she — behind the scenes — is rebellious, defiled and an arrogant, condescending snob. Will she prove herself a messiah who can end a global war… or leave things a mess?

Rank: Ruby Lv. 32
Gematria: 241

Kind: Malakh
Nation: Emirut, Qedem
Part: Conjunction

Liability Points: 34
Merit Points: 8
Law Points: -5

Base attributes: DOM 6D, VIG 4D, GRA 4D, CRE 6D, WIS 3D, SHA 2D, BLE 5D
Acrobatics +2D, Administration +3D, Martial Arts +1D, Negotiation +3D, Performing +1D, Psychology +2D, Religion +1D, Socializing +3D, Speech Acts +4D, Trickery +3D
Treetop Martial Arts Staff, knife
Domain Tags: Speaking, Thinking, Arrogance

Speech acts:

Vocal Vanity

To Hit:


The Refaïm are ghostly giants who are 'Ivrit's enemies.

The Refaïm are a tribe of barbaric ghost giants from the netherworld, Sheöl. They came back from the dead to oppose the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement. Besides their enormous size, they boast top-notch healing skills. So naturally they formed a covenant to serve as medics for the Bavel Macrostructure. They also represent the “ghost words” in linguistics.

The Refaïm comes from the רפא shoresh root and family.

Gedalyah Hagdalah

Gadielah Hagdalah waves the banner for 'Ivrit.

Gedalyah Hagdalah is the linguistic augmentative in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” Based on the גדל shoresh root and family, she is the daughter of a hairdresser who despises her poor upbringing and longs to be rich and powerful someday. She joined the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement and now trains young recruits in the Department of Morphology.

With her tough skin, hardened heart and icy personality, Gedalyah often argues with and looks down on her colleagues, seeing herself as the “big girl” grown-up in the room. She loves to show off her skin and brag about her body and (augmented) breasts, despite being self-conscious about a prominent facial scar. Her gel shoes and legs, toned by frequent rope skipping, power her giant leaps. Her only obstacle to fitness perfection: cravings for gelatin and ice cream.

On the battlefield, Gedalyah has the power to increase her size and power, as well as dominate and demoralize the foe with her glory. She also is one of the army’s best Freezing Flag wielders, using semaphore martial arts to excoriate her enemies.

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: גדל
Gematria: 37
Type: Female Human
Size: Medium
Move: Medium Run
Curses: Addiction (Sweets), Arrogance
Liability Points: (4DN *2) or 26
Merit Points: 3
Law Points: 0
Stats: DOM 3D, VIG 2D, GRA 3D, CRE 2D, WIS 1D, SHA 1D, BLE 2D
Skills: Athletics +2D, Acrobatics +2D, Manipulation +1D, Martial Arts +1D
Equipment: Freezing Flag: +1D GRA to attacks, chill damage

Allon Ilan

Allon Ilan harbors the arbor.

Allon Ilan is a freelance forest ranger hired by the Bavel Macrostructure to secure the Ilan forest’s giant tree, which Bavel believes to be related to the original Syntax Tree, Taḥbir. The tree is rumored to hide the Alp foundation letter.

Ilan commands the forest’s Idol Oaks and Battering Rams. He dons a pair of deer antlers and has a tiny oak tree growing out of his seemingly hollow head. While Allon Ilan may look like a fool, watch out for his mighty terebinth club!

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: אול
Gematria: 37
Type: Human, plant
Size: Medium
Liability Points: (3DN * 2) or 28
Merit Points: 3
Law Points: -2
Stats: DOM 3D, VIG 2D, GRA 2D, CRE 3D, WIS 1D, PEA 3D, BLE 2D
Skills: Wilderness +2D, Surveillance +1D
Special Abilities:

  • Summon Idol Oak: Use 2 Merit Points; roll 3DN; take lowest number X to summon X Idol Oaks.
  • Strong Antler: Use 1 Merit Point; DOM+1D melee attack. Close or medium range if attacker can physically run to target.

Equipment: Terebinth Club: +2D VIG close melee attack.

Covenant Violator

The Violators are a band of traitors who joined forces with the Kittim mercenaries.

The Covenant Violators are a band of vicious criminals who grew up in the ‘Ever region. But given their existing outlaw status, they rejected ‘Aravah ‘Ivrit‘s side in the Milḥamah war, turned terrorist and backed the predicted winner: the Bavel Macrostructure.

Violators are loosely inspired by the the Sons of Light’s enemies, the “Violators of the Covenant,” in the Dead Sea Scrolls’ apocalyptic 1QM scroll. In the Milhamah video game, they’re enemies who invade the Ulpan Academy while grabbing onto and stabbing heroes.

This gang has a reputation for depraved war crimes, and the ruckus from their marching boot sandals threatens disaster and strikes fear in civilian hearts everywhere.

Milhamah RPG stats

Shoresh: אנס
Gematria: 111
Usually male, sometimes female
Type: Humanoid
Liability Points: 5 
Merit Points: 
Law Points:
 -3 (Evil)*

 Calamity Boots


Basic attacks:

Use of Force (אנס)
Area: None
Duration: 2 turns
Effect: Grapples target. Upon hit, target is damaged DOM+1D per turn grappled.

Speech acts:

Compulsion (אנס)
Cost: 1 MP
None (One target at a time)
Prep time: None
Duration: 3 turns (if successful)
Effect: A dark miasma surrounds and charms the target to fight on this character’s behalf.

* While this character’s Law Points are not negative, he/she may not use any אנס abilities.