Alignment in Milhamah RPG doesn’t fall into the standard lawful-chaotic, good-evil matrix that other RPGs have. Instead, it focuses on a character’s prime motivation to excel and fight. In addition, a character’s lashon hara level may be affected by these drives:

  • Justice: Someone has committed an act of injustice, and you want them to pay for it. This can often be linked to revenge.

  • Coercion: Your character was forced, pressured or blackmailed into fighting.

  • Money/Resources: Your character seeks the luxuries that money can buy, or at least the comforts.

  • Power: Your character wants to control people, preferably in large numbers.

  • Ego: Life is a play, and you’re the star. Fighting is all about the glory and fame and the adoration of others.

  • Excitement/Exploration: You’re a thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie. Discovering new, intense experiences gives your life meaning. Sex and curiosity are two subsets of this category.

  • Nihilism: You believe nothing really matters, so why not pass time the way you want?

  • Belonging/Love: You fight because you love to be part of something big. The camaraderie is especially appealing.

  • Ideology: You believe history is on your side, and you long to make the world a better place for your god, tribe or cause. (Everyone else, not so much.)

    The main ideologies in the Milhamah world include:

    • Prescriptivism: Prescriptivists have a strong sense of order, truth, righteousness, rules, orthodoxy and dogma. They are Apollonian in nature and prize sensibility, wisdom, hierarchy and authority. At worst, they can be the thought police. As a subset, Holy characters have a strong belief that words (and all things) are set apart for the glory of Ha-Shem or another sincerely believed deity.Effect: Characters who initially become prescriptivists have the option to adjust their stats +1 WIS or DOM or BLE, -1 CRE or VIG or SHA.
    • Descriptivism: Descriptivists are more laissez-faire, hands-off, libertarian and tolerant. They are all for freedom, innovation, creativity, ingenuity, diversity of thought and enjoyment, though not in a dogmatic way. Holy characters typically see Ha-Shem as a liberator and hope he’ll throwing off the Bavel Macrostructure’s tyrannical chains.

      Effect: Characters who initially become descriptivists have the option to adjust their stats +1 VIG or CRE or SHA, -1 WIS or DOM or BLE

Alignment in ‘Milhamah’ comic

Update #1 alludes to the Descriptivist-Prescriptivist War that takes place prior to the rise of Beli Ya'al.