Tikhon Brokerage and Secondary School

The Tikhon Brokerage and Secondary School attracts economics geniuses.

The Tikhon Brokerage and Secondary School is located near the center of ‘Aravot’s state of Alef. It is a high school for young geniuses, where they learn the economic arts of trading, acquisition and entrepreneurship. Graduates go on to form industries in ‘Aravot, often managing real estate or finances. Other grads become insiders who serve as information brokers for the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement or who carry out economic warfare against the Bavel Macrostructure.

The Tikhon is based on the תוך root/וכת family, which govern secondary schools, brokerages, and being in the middle or inside.

Migdal Bavel

The Migdal Bavel is the גדל domain.

The Migdal Bavel is believed to have been the unfinished remains of the original Tower of Babel ziggurat and the prototype for the Bavel Superstructure that the Bavel Macrostructure is building. The Macrostructure still uses the Migdal as a base and a broadcast tower that transmits propaganda throughout most of Avgad to brainwash the masses. The Holy Tongue Society also believes that Bavel seeks to use such towers conquer the heavens.

Bavel destroys yet another word.

Although the tower is ever growing, the latest height estimate is 2817.9 m, or around 9,245.1 feet, at the time the story of “Milhamah: Fighting Words” begins.

The Migdal is a stronghold domain powered by the גדל shoresh root and family. It is currently located just outside the boundaries of ‘Aravot’s Medinat Alef.

Binyan (building)

A speech balloon drops outside the Binyan, which bears the Holy Tongue Society's insignia.
A speech balloon drops outside the Binyan, which bears the Holy Tongue Society’s insignia.

The Binyan is the codename for the Holy Tongue Society's hidden “knowledge base” in ‘Ir Reshumim. It is located where the Shrine of the Book once stood in what used to be called Jerusalem, and it houses the Society’s prized possession: the War Scrolls.

The Binyan’s exterior symbolizes the apocalyptic battle to come between the Sons of Light (represented by the white dome) and the Sons of Darkness (represented by the black wall).

The Binyan is based on the בון shoresh root.

The Binyan in ‘Milhamah’ comic

In Update #1, Tiqwah Tawit stands outside the Binyan and recovers a damaged speech balloon, which she takes to Shem 'Etzem. Shem travels further underground in the Binyan to grab another treasure, the Dalet foundation glyph. But that’s when the Bavel Macrostructure henchman Deli opens a Bavel gate portal and invades the base.