Deli (pronounced duh-LEE or deh-LEE) represents the zodiac sign Aquarius as part of the Bavel Macrostructure’s linguistic imperialism division. Within the realm of Bavel-Shin’ar, he is known as Gula the Great.

Ruler of the Bavel province of Moledet, Deli is sent on a mission to silence the Holy Tongue Society and retrieve the Dalet foundation glyph that Heleq recovered. Deli invades the Binyan underground vault grotto via a mystical gate.

While the jar and its carrier may seem to be a duo, they are actually one combined being. Only the urn is sentient; the winged humanoid water bearer is a puppet-like automaton that cannot think on its own. Rumors say Deli is thousands of years old.

In Milhamah

After Shem opens the Binyan underground vault’s door, Deli invades by opening up a Bavel Gate portal. He then tries to get Shem to surrender and hand over the Dalet, without luck. Then Deli slams Shem into the gate and tries to kill him with a water cannon attack. But Tiqwah and Etgar successfully ambush Deli, shooting the urn in the back and blinding it.

The wounded urn “cries,” flooding the vault grotto. Shem continues to fight the water bearer, with little success. The urn repairs itself through a Walaadu ritual and tries to attack Tiqwah. But Etgar fixes a broken speech balloon and sics it after the urn.

Despite this, Deli gains the upper hand and blasts Shem with another water cannon. Shem almost drowns, but manages to transform into his HaShem form. Shem then attacks Deli, causing the urn to fill up with garlic grass and burst. Deli flees back to his portal and escapes, but Etgar jumps into the portal before it disappears.

Type: Construct
Shoresh: דלי
Habitat: Freshwater, Shore