Dalet (ד) is the fourth of the Hebrew alefbet’s 22 canon primordial letters, or Otiyot. The letter was known by the ancients as Dalt or Delt.

Dalet in Milhamah comics

  • The Dalet foundation glyph is one of 22 Otiyotthat God, according to legend, used as tools to create the universe.
  • Ḥeleq recovered the letter during a mysterious mission prior to the start of Issue #1. Etgar praises Shem for the latter’s role in the mission.
  • Without telling anyone else, Shem goes to an underground vault below the Binyan to retrieve the glyph and fix a damaged speech balloon.
  • Deli demands that Shem hand the glyph over to the Bavel Macrostructure.
  • Etgar picks up the Dalet that Shem dropped while fighting Deli and applies it to a damaged speech balloon to animate it into a verbal attack.
  • Etgar throws the glyph to a drowning Shem. A school of mysterious fish guide it to Shem, restoring his faith and thus transforming him into his HaShem form.
  • While holding the letter, Shem spontaneously uses the שום shoresh to attack Deli with garlic grass.

Dalet in Milhamah RPG

The letter is the sign of the fish and the sign of the door. Its manifestation is the legendary door fish, Delt.

Bavel believes the letter governs Creativity as well as fertility and nature.

In gematria, it represents the number four.

Type: Artifact (Otiyot)
Gematria: 434 or 4
Threat: Lv. 32
Rarity: Unique
Stat Effect: CRE +4D/+6R
Speech Acts: Summon Delt