Tiqwah holds an alfon.

An Alfon (אלפון) is a training device for beginners that many Heleq members use for communication and battle. It can scan an area for encrypted communications and hidden otiyot. When a user enters certain commands, an alfon can pull language from the air and convert it into energy, attacks or even teleport creatures via the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis. This often results in beaming out holographic objects, weapons and special attacks.


In Hebrew, an alfon is a “first reader” or “first spelling book.” The word is derived from “alef,” the first letter of the alefbet. The corresponding shoresh is  אלף, which can mean “to train.”

In “Milhamah,” the term is also a play on words with the English word “phone.”

Alfons in the comic

  • Etgar Toaruses an alfon to call up a virtual pistol in the Binyan grotto. The pistol shoots a piercing laser beam at Deli.
  • Tiqwah Tawitshows Shem the alfon he had left behind, prior to going on his mission to retrieve the Dalet.
  • Tiqwah uses the device to display an aural grid during the fight against Deli.
  • Etgar attempts to use his alfon to call up Devir, the Holy of Holies. He fails and summons a raft instead.
  • Tiqwah uses hers to talk to Em Qeriah after the Deli battle.

Alfons in the RPG

Shoresh: אלפ
Size: Tiny
Rarity: Lapis Lazuli

  • Training
    • Cost: Three uses before necessary recharge
    • Effect: You may program a Silver-Level shoresh ability or object and use it.