Amirah Meimrah

Is Amirah Meimrah the peacekeeper the world needs?

Amirah Meimrah is a mysterious foreign leader from the treetop summit of Emirut. Based on the אמר shoresh root and family, she has exceptional sonic speech powers. She can emit fire and even sublimate her body into vapor. She carries a knife and a treetop martial arts staff, though nobody has seen her use them in combat. The nations proclaim Meimrah to be a noble peacemaker. With a tall frame and ladylike demeanor, she is a bold orator who inspires many to sacrifice for the greater good. But a few critics say that she — behind the scenes — is rebellious, defiled and an arrogant, condescending snob. Will she prove herself a messiah who can end a global war… or leave things a mess?

Rank: Ruby Lv. 32
Gematria: 241

Kind: Malakh
Nation: Emirut, Qedem
Part: Conjunction

Liability Points: 34
Merit Points: 8
Law Points: -5

Base attributes: DOM 6D, VIG 4D, GRA 4D, CRE 6D, WIS 3D, SHA 2D, BLE 5D
Acrobatics +2D, Administration +3D, Martial Arts +1D, Negotiation +3D, Performing +1D, Psychology +2D, Religion +1D, Socializing +3D, Speech Acts +4D, Trickery +3D
Treetop Martial Arts Staff, knife
Domain Tags: Speaking, Thinking, Arrogance

Speech acts:

Vocal Vanity

To Hit: