Encumbrance in Milhamah RPG is a concept that loosely simulates how much or how many items a character can carry and still move and act naturally.

A character may carry X item units (IU), where X is double the sum of  DOM and VIG. So if Shem ‘Etzem has 3 DOM and 3 VIG, he could carry 12 IU of items.

One IU roughly equals a five-pound object that can be easily carried in one hand. Objects that are significantly heavier, larger or more unwieldly may have a higher IU value.

Characters whose inventory IU exceeds their encumbrance level suffer -1 success to DOM, VIG and GRA rolls (but not their base stats). If their inventory IU exceeds twice their encumbrance level, DOM, VIG and GRA rolls are -3.  Characters cannot carry three times or more their encumbrance and still move or perform actions.