Merit Points

In Milhamah RPG, Merit Points are a resource that a Player may accumulate and spend through skilled adventuring and roleplaying. By spending a Merit Point, the player’s character may reroll +1D during such an attempt. A character may spend up to X MP per reroll, where X equals their base BLE attribute rating. There is no technical limit to how many Merit Points a player character may have at once, though the Narrator may either establish a limit or may have all Merit Points expire at the end of a campaign chapter. 

A character is entitled to a Merit point in a few situations:

  • If the player character succeeds in an unopposed roll by at least 3 successes.
  • If the player character scores a critical hit in an opposed roll, getting a Natural Shoresh roll while the opponent botches with zero reaction successes.
  • The Narrator may pose extra obstacles for a character for the sake of story purposes, but only at the compensation of Merit Points. These type of obstacles should be snafus or “life happens” sort of situations, such as if a character forgets bringing a typical survival item that’s not in his inventory, or if a vehicle stalls or a weapon jams.

    Typically, a minor inconvenience should give an agent one MP, and a substantial burden should offer two or three MP. For the sake of fun, the Narrator should not constantly impose MP exchange or serious burdens, and the agent should always be given the chance to turn down the possible burden if the agent doesn’t want to roll a relevant skill check. 

The Narrator may consider granting a player character a Merit Point under the following circumstances:

  • Finishing a mission while passably roleplaying your ideology
  • Claiming a new domain under the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement’s control
  • Acquiring a new shoresh root to document in the Milon Dictionary
  • Acquiring one of the Foundation Otiyot
  • If, in the general opinion of the Narrator and the other players, the player roleplays the character in an interesting, amusing, entertaining or impressive manner, especially a character’s Blessings or Curses.

On a later roll, the player may spend a Merit point to re-roll an extra die, either after the first or second roll. The player may spend a maximum of Merit points per turn based on how many dice are being rolled that turn.