Shoresh root

Shoresh roots are a special type of plantlike root that forms an essential resource in the world of Avgad.

Material significance

An entire economy revolves around the mining and harvesting of shoresh roots. These roots are believed to be centuries or millennia old and are hidden deep in the earth beneath Avgad’s thousands of domains.

Bavel researchers have indexed over 3,700 different kinds of shoresh roots in existence, though they suspect that undiscovered ones still exist in the wild. At least a couple hundred types are believed to be extinct and only exist in dried or fossilized forms, or even as legends. However, most varieties are found to be living and reproducing today.

Once harvested, shoresh roots can be used for energy, food, medicine and chemicals, textiles and more. Durable materials can be made from shoresh nanofibers, dyes, lumber and paper use in religious rituals, cosmetics, glue, construction and insulation materials. Extraction techniques can take the actual elemental letters from the root, which can then be combined with other letters to generate speech acts.

Spiritual significance

Many people speculate that the roots’ ultimate origin stems from the Taḥbir, the Syntax Tree that produced the Fruit of Knowledge in Pardes. Others point to the Ilan Tree or the Tashqili, the Tree of Metrics.