Maḥseyah Yaḥas (Inktober Day 7)

Maḥseyah Yaḥas is the preposition.

Maḥseyah Yaḥas is the preposition part of speech in Milhamah: Fighting Words. His broom erodes targets using wind, and his shield protects against wind attacks. Keenly aware of his surroundings, he sweeps up pollution in his path while atop his donkey steed. As such, his moves come from the יחס shoresh root and the broader חיס shoresh family.

With a proud and haughty air, this quixotic character sees himself as a guardian, gatekeeper and protector of the weak. He rambles endlessly about his ancestral privileges and his duty to be fair and chivalrous (as he relatively sees it).

Yaḥas tries to do good and claims all of humanity as his relatives. But to some Holy Tongue Society members, he’s the relative they avoid at parties.