Adam Ha-Rishon

Adam uses the alefbet to dominate the world.

Adam Ha-Rishon is the name of the first human being who lived in the world of Eretz.

The Milhamah lore about Adam is similar to the biblical account in Genesis, but being that “Milhamah” is a alternate linguistic world, it departs in a few ways. Adam was tasked by Ha-Shem to name all the creatures in the paradise of Gan ‘Eden, making him the first evaluator of all good names.

However, he lost his own good name when he ate from what he thought was the Semantic Tree, the Tree of Meaning, to gain a godlike comprehension of existence. However, not only did he disobey Ha-Shem, he erred and instead ate from the Syntax Tree.

Adam comes from the א-ד-ם shoresh.