Allied Plural Rifleman

The Allied Plural Rifleman can shoot in multiple directions.

Yariv Ribbui is the epitome of what a Plural Allied Rifleman should be: dedicated to upholding the ‘Aravot Covenant and civilization against the Covenant Violators.

These warriors are young men who were bred and taught to multitask. When exposed to the רבי shoresh root, they gain the power of sprouting clones. This comes in handy when fighting for the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement, since it lets a single soldier to amplify his presence on the battlefield and simultaneously fire in all directions. Furthermore, their eyes are trained to scope out enemies at great distances.

Yariv Ribbui and the Plural Allied Riflemen come from the ביר shoresh family, which govern plurals, civilization, multiplication, reproduction, rifle, alliances, covenants, scope extension and more.