Beli Ya’al

Beli Ya'al leads the Bavel Macrostructure.
Beli Ya’al

Beli Ya’al  (בלי יעל) is the shadowy figure who leads the Bavel Macrostructure. According to government propagandists, Ya’al is a socially conscious leader who, following the Descriptivist-Prescriptivist War, ushered a global era of stability and united the peoples under his vision: “One language, few words.”

Analysts within ‘Ivrit and the Holy Tongue Society believe that Beli Ya’al is an ascribed or corrupted name, and not a True Name for the individual. In Hebrew, beli ya’al literally means “without worth,” making it an unlikely chosen name for a world leader. It is often translated as Belial, and is famous as a demon’s name or a title for Satan.

Rumors on the street say the Ya’al is the reincarnated or resurrected form of Belu, a rumored first leader of ancient Bavel, or one who was later revered as a god.

Milhamah RPG Stats

Shoresh: בלי, יעל
Gematria: 110 or 42
Rarity: Silver
Threat: Red
Liability Points: 48
Merit Points: 6
Law Points: -10
Attributes: DOM 6D, VIG 3D, GRA 3D, CRE 7D, WIS 5D, PEA 3D, BLE 7D

Beli Ya'al shows off a lizard patch.