Exploration is one of the backbones of adventuring in the “Milhamah” RPG. Characters are encouraged to pioneer into new wildernesses and search out treasure such as rare materials, mysterious shoresh roots and, of course, the 22 foundation letters.

The Narrator should give MP whenever the team uses their skills and roleplaying to find:

  • a historic, grand, undiscovered or mission-critical area in a domain.
  • A powerful, rare or valuable artifact, e.g., an undiscovered shoresh root, or one of the foundation letters.

Random Encounters

When called for, roll an alef 1DN to determine whether your party gets a random encounter. The Narrator may make original charts to determine enemy parties, but for general use, you may follow these guidelines:

  • Enemy stronghold: Once per room or atrium; Wild, 1(0) or 2(0)
  • Sea: Once/Day, Wild
  • Jungle: Twice/Day, Wild, 1(0) or 2(0)
  • Desert: Once/Day, Wild or 1(0)
  • Town: Once/Day, Wild
  • Urban: Twice/Day; Wild, 1(0) or 2(0)
  • Field: Once/Day, Wild or 1(0)
  • Mountain: Once/Day; Wild or 1(0)