Item quality

When crafting, buying or finding items, item quality is a benchmark that determines how rare, well-made or effective they are.
When making items, you may use these classifications as a guideline for how strong an improvised item may be. If you wish to randomize it, roll the proposed item’s shoresh and see how many successes you get on a single roll (while counting wilds as successes):
White: (0 successes) These are very weak, ineffective or possibly broken tools. You may have to roll -1D or subtract a pair of dice during reroll when performing actions with this item.
Yellow: (1 success) These tools work OK in a pinch, but are still mediocre or low budget. This item has no modifier.
Orange: (2 successes) These tools are sturdy and dependable, if not the top of the line. Adds 1D to your re-roll.
Teal: (3 successes) These tools are the ones professionals use. Often modified or customizable from the sorts on the common market. Often adds 2D to your reroll and may have a bonus ability.
Blue: (4 successes) These tools are of fine quality and are highly prized. May have one or two bonus abilities. Often adds 3D to your reroll and may have a bonus ability.
Brown: (5 successes) These tools are very rare and may be discontinued or even illegal for the average person to own. Usually military grade or for black ops use. Often adds 4D to your reroll and may have a bonus ability.
Black: (6 successes) These items or tools are of legendary quality or craftmanship. These tools may be difficult for the average user to use well. Usually the result of top secret or bleeding-edge research, or ancient, long-forgotten technology. Often adds 5D to your reroll and may add a dice pair to your relevant action rolls.
Red: (7+ successes) These items or tools are of supernatural, miraculous or divine origin and quality. Often unique and one of a kind. Often adds 6D or higher to your reroll, and often up to two dice pairs while rolling a relevant action.