Kinds in Milhamah RPG are similar to what species, races or ancestries are in other RPGs. Instead of elves, dwarves and orcs, Milhamah has ben Adam  (humans), golems, Anaq giants, Bat Qol sound spirits, Malakh angels, Nefel demigods and more.

Playing a character with a different kind opens up new possibilities, since each kind tends to live in its own civilization and culture. Each kind has its own special body types, player attribute adjustments, speech acts, abilities and more.

Ben Adam (אדם)

Also known as humans, a ben Adam (plural: benei Adam) is a sons (or daughter) of men, as well as the first man, Adam. As is the case of most RPG games, this is the most generic race and the standard against which the others are measured.

While certain benei adam have special shorashim as their shoresh roots, the default for an average civilian can be אדם. As speaking creatures, they have bonuses.

Attribute changes: None
Size: Usually Medium
Alignment: Any

Bat Qol (קול)

Literally “daughter of a voice” in Hebrew, these characters are ethereal sound spirits and voices brought to life. Usually female.

Size: Small to Huge
Attribute changes:
BLE +2, SHA +2
Alignment: Usually good

Golem (גלם)

These are constructs that have been given life thanks to encoded language. More primitive ones are made of clay, but they can be made out of many different materials, including wood, minerals and metals. Androids in the “Milhamah” world also tend to fall in this category.
Attribute changes: DOM +1, LIF +2, CRE -2, WIS -1
Size: Small to Large
Alignment: Usually takes after the maker
Special Traits: Typical healing items and speech acts have no effect on golems. Instead, special tools or repair speech acts are used to restore their Liability Points.

Ruaḥ (רוח)

A ruaḥ (pl. ruḥot) is a disembodied wind spirit.
Attribute changes: DOM -1, LIF -1, GRA +1, BLE +1
Size: Small
Alignment: Any

Anaq (אנק)

An anaq (pl. anaqim) is a giant who hails from far across the sea. Most people consider them fierce warriors.
Attribute changes: DOM +2, LIF +2, GRA -2, CRE -2
Size: Large or bigger
Alignment: Usually evil but not always

Malakh (לאכ)

A malakh is a spirit who’s a divine messenger and craftworker. Some are heralds; others are warriors.
Attribute changes: DOM +2, LIF +2, GRA -2, CRE -2
Size: Large or bigger
Alignment: Usually good, sometimes evil


Nefil (נפל)

A nefel (p. nefelim) is a half-bred race between a human and an evil malakh. Many are known to be tyrannical and aggressive. Nimrod, the inventor of the original Migdal Bavel, was rumored to be one of these.
Attribute changes: DOM +2, SHA -1, BLE -1
Size: Medium or Large
Alignment: Evil