Every character in Milhamah RPG should have one to three motivations that drives him to survive, thrive, compete, adventure or fight. Here are a few of the common ones, though players may add their own if an idea isn’t mentioned below:

Money: Sometimes a job is strictly business. Whether it’s a need to put food on the table, an ambition to become rich, or just pure greed, your character’s mercenary nature drives them to join the Milhamah War for one side or the other.

Ideology/Cause: Your character is a zealot or a true believer who has some fanatical belief to kill and die for, just so long as it spreads. This includes, religion, nationalism, politics, philosophy or other belief systems.

Coercion: This is when a character is pressured or blackmailed into joining the fray. Also peer pressure and societal expectations may count for this. A government or authority that knows embarrassing secrets from your character’s past may lead a character to join, just to keep their reputation clean or avoid punishment. Your character may have been tortured or forcibly brainwashed into fighting for your side, especially in the case of Bavel.

Ego/Prestige: Your character wants status, fame and glory. He has the drive to explore, achieve and conquer. Or he believes he is chosen and destined for greatness. 

Excitement/Entertainment: Your character suffers easily from boredom and needs a challenge to spice things up. They may do it for the laughs.

Relationships/Sex: Your character may be motivated due to the participation of a relative, friend or lover to the cause. They might do it as a favor to someone they love, or out of filial piety. Another component to this is belonging. If a character feels alienated or isolated, joining an organization may give them a sense of purpose and usefulness in life. Or they may be merely motivated by a desire to be sexually attractive to a harem of beautiful people. 

Disgruntlement/revenge: Sometimes it’s personal. A thirst for revenge may drive your character to be disgruntled.

Survival/Security: Sometimes there’s strength and safety in numbers, and joining the military might at least give your character access to weapons and a fighting chance at survival, which a civilian might not have.