Tiqwah Tawit

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Tiqwah Tawit is the executive director of the Holy Tongue Society who, despite her small stature, sees herself as the hidden architect behind the organization. She represents the article/determiner among the group’s represented parts of speech. Her Society uniform is a teal dress with a matching hat.


Although Shem ‘Etzem is the founder and technical leader of the Society, Tiqwah often jousts for power as the director and sees herself as the true authority figure. This often means quarrels and disputes with the group’s creator, Shem ‘Etzem.


Tawit receives her power from the תוי shoresh root. As a result, she has the power to target-lock on her enemies to increase her accuracy.

Role in ‘Milhamah’

Issue #1: Tiqwah recovers a speech balloon destroyed by the Migdal Bavel and brings it to Shem. After Shem goes on a solitary mission to find the part needed to fix the balloon, Deli invades the Society’s secret base and attacks. At the end of the issue, Tiqwah uses her target lock skills to help Etgar snipe Deli, rescuing Shem.

Issue #2: Tiqwah assists in the fight against Deli and taunts him on a couple of occasions.

Milhamah RPG stats

Tiqwah Tawit (aka Tiqṿah Taṿit)

Shoresh: תוי
Gematria: 416
Kind: Ben Adam
Affiliation: Holy Tongue Society
Part: Determiner (Article)
Size: Medium
Liability Points: 
Stats: DOM: 2 VIG: 1 GRA: 1 CRE: 2 WIS: 3 PEA: 3 BLE: 2 
Leadership: +1, Ranged Weapons +1
Marking Ribbon 

  • Taw Mark:
    • A glowing taw mark emits from Tiqwah’s hand, marking a single target for greater accuracy.
    • Preparation: One turn, Duration: Three turns
    • Range: Medium
    • Effect: On success, may do CRE +2D attack to hit on target while in effect.