‘Anawah Tenu’ah (Inktober Day 14)

'Anawah Tenu'ah is the vowel.

‘Anawah Tenu’ah is the vowel in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” She is a member of the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement’s Department of Phonology, and she oversees air combat operations.

Based on the נוע shoresh root and its family, Tenu’ah sends kinetic vibration shock waves at enemies. A backpack motor engine amplifies her super speed. She also wields a rattling sistrum as a weapon.

Tenu’ah is a motivational leader who makes grand gestures. She loves to join mass movements, but her desire to help others is motivated by guilt over secret past misdeeds. And while she’s always on the go, she dreams a day when she can simply hide away at home.

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