Em Qeren-Or Qeriäh

This is Em Qeriah

Em Qeren-Or Qeriäh is the oldest member of the Holy Tongue Society. She represents the interjection among the parts of speech. “Em” is not her first name, but it’s a title akin to “Mother.” In Hebrew, an em qeriäh is a mater lectionis (or “mother of reading”) that’s a letter that helps signify the presence of a vowel in a word.

Qeriäh carries with her a gourd purse, a TelePrompTer cane and a large scroll on her back. Most of the time, it’s either a Miqra, or a scroll of the Bible. But sometimes it’s the Milhamah Scroll: a prophecy that outlines Bavel's attacks against the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement.

Qeriäh’s job is to guard and interpret the remaining Dead Sea Scrolls and other rare artifacts in the Arqa Archives.


As the Society’s interjection, it’s no surprise that she can be loud and boisterous.


Qeriäh has shown no abilities yet, but her shoresh root is קרא, which has to do with calling and summoning. Perhaps more will be revealed when Qeriäh is slated to appear in Milhamah: Fighting Words Issue #3.