Shem is not amused by Qeriah's new hobby. Shem's anger makes him short-circuit. Shem reverts to his rawer form.
In Update #21, "Mother May I? Part 2", we learn that while Shem 'Etzem's holy form may easily defeat the Bavel Macrostructure’s minions, it’s no match for Em Qeriah’s lack of seriousness. Will Shem’s hair-trigger temper prevent him from becoming the Evaluator of Names? While this issue mostly continues the arguments and power struggles among the rising generation of Holy Tongue Society leadership and the old, it also shows how Shem can revert from his powerful, holy שום form back to his still-powerful, but baser עצם form. Adam comes up for a good reason at the end of this update. Get ready to learn more in the next update! (By the way, this webcomic will discontinue the numerical "Episode" system where some episodes last for multiple updates. While the next update would technically be Episode 16, this website's formatting plus ones like Webtoon and Tapas make the old system archaic. We'll just stick to numbering according to updates.) Other news Although it's not fully implemented, we updated the Wordpress theme to Toocheke Premium, which will allow us to use more Patreon and WooCommerce integration. If you've noticed that the site was slower recently, it's because we were trying to implement those features. I'm hoping to ask around to figure out a way to have the site run reasonably quickly plus have our own online store and bonus webpages for Patreon subscribers only. By the way, please sign up for my Patreon! Even a dollar a month adds up... Also, keep checking our wiki for updates. I've been adding beta sections to the Milhamah RPG storytelling game, plus there are all sorts of details about the comic there. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope to bring more updates soon!


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A door is ajar in ‘The Gatecrasher’ (#5)

Shem’s treasure hunt meets a jarring interruption as an underground vault opens a portal to one of the Bavel Empire’s fabled gates. A surprise guest lurks in the distance — could the gatecrasher truly be a vase with a face?
This is the full four-panel comic of "The Gatecrasher."
You didn’t think it would be that easy. Right, Shem? (Click on the image to magnify.)
This week’s comic was fun to make, and it’ll likely set the stage for the next 10-20 episodes. I focused on punching up the visuals by adding more color and dynamic poses. I also changed the dialogue font to something snappier and more familiar to comic readers.
Plus we spot a teaser of Deli, our first villain from Bavel. (Hope that isn’t too much of a spoiler. But he looks pretty evil, right?)
This week I plan to add the past episodes to a new comics widget on this site, which will make it easier to reference them. I’ll also offer more commentary on the past episodes. Stay tuned!
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Take cover! We’re on Twitter

Tiqwah watches a speech balloon hit the ground beside her.
Let’s hope Twitter will be less dangerous than incoming speech balloons outside the Holy Tongue Society’s base.
In its quest for more eyeballs and readership, “Milhamah: Fighting Words” now has a Twitter account, @MilhamahComic. Feel free to follow me! It makes sense for a comic named after the Hebrew word for “war” to enter the Internet’s verbal free-for-all. However, the plan is to stick squarely to marketing the comic and posting links, not using the account as a soapbox. Still, I appreciate your prayers! Anyway, I’m more than halfway done with comic No. 5 and plan to finish it over the weekend. I’m adding more Photoshop effects and punching up the colors to make the episode more appealing. If I get compliments, I’ll go back to my old episodes and reformat them.

Personalities clash in “High Steaks” (#2)

Tiqwah invites Shem to dinner. Shem hopes his steak won't be as tough as her odds of keeping promises. Tiqwah's glare scorches Shem, but he taunts with a second pun. Tiqwah gives up, offering extra food in exchange for silence. (See this comic and the others at Tapas or Webtoon, and please subscribe! ) Which has more fiery intensity: Tiqwah’s wrath or Shem’s provocative puns? In the end, Tiqwah pays for her past broken promises, using beef as legal tender. (How did Shem miss that one?) Besides inching the plot past the prologue, the goal of this comic was to highlight a bit of the characters’ personalities and watch them clash. As the Holy Tongue Society’s tactician, Tiqwah likes to think of herself as a long-range planner, though she doesn’t always succeed. As the group’s overall leader, Shem likes control and order, but even he has a silly side. Soon it will be evident that Shem has many sides to him, including those he wants to keep hidden… In the comments below, tell me what you think about the characters and how they might develop. Questions, suggestions and other constructive feedback are welcome!

A salute to your savlanut! (Patience!)

Shem is busy. Tiqwah is unreliable. I'm both.
Shem ‘Etzem scolds Tiqwah Tawit about being unreliable. She and this blogger have something in common.
Sorry about the neglect. It’s been awhile since I last updated the blog! To anyone who stumbled here and came back, I congratulate you for your savlanut — your patience! Let me take time to update you on  how I kept busy with comics and game production. So I just completed my fourth “Milhamah” comic strip, as you can see on my Instagram. I’ll post the latest strips one by one in the following days and explain a bit about the backstory. In the meantime, I’ve also been programming a roguelike game based on the “Milhamah” universe. It’s about halfway to a very basic, playable state. When it’s ready for a beta, I’ll link it here and keep building it. Like most roguelikes, the “graphics” are basically made out of type. While the goal is to eventually roll out real graphics, letter glyphs are still a decent fit for the universe’s linguistic setting. In the meantime, check out my social media, or subscribe to my comics on Tapas or Webtoon!

Prologue preview

Censorship. Dystopia. Mystery cults. Ancient alphabets. Apocalypses. Goats. This is an eight-panel Prologue Preview of “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” It debuted at the Motor City Comic Con May 18-20. Over the next few months, I’ll be alternating between backstory and skits featuring a few of the main characters. Before going too far in telling the story, I’ll perfect the series’ voice while acquainting the audience with the characters and background world.  Soon I will be putting this webcomic up on Tapas and Webtoons. You may also follow me on social media on Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy!